2022 Bayou Classic


Every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, New Orleans morphs into a city-wide celebration of football, family, and black culture. The Bayou Classic, a highly-anticipated annual football game between historically black colleges Southern University and Grambling University, comes to the Crescent City every year in November, offering spectators an unforgettable time and  gifting the winning team bragging rights that last until the teams meet again in the following year. The Bayou Classic is easily one of the most awaited events of the year – every year.


The history of the tradition of the Bayou Classic celebration runs deep and far further than football culture. What began as a typical rivalry between college football teams evolved over time into a mainstay in the city, uniting people of all ages who love and will come to love the ethos that surrounds HBCUs and black history more broadly. There are many aspects of black and Southern culture that come to life over Bayou Classic weekend. The dueling schools have each nurtured breathtaking bands that on their own are enough to warrant securing your ticket for Friday’s event Battle of the Bands. The artistry and dedication on display during the legendary show each year have led many to refer to both battling bands as “living iPods”. Beyond the bands and the game, Bayou Classic has grown over the years to include many other events that visitors enjoy taking advantage of annually.


Though seemingly regional to the unlearned observer, The Bayou Classic attracts a national audience and is even televised by NBC Sports! The popularity is incredibly important for New Orleans and its communities, as the commerce induced by the larger-than-life event helps to fuel and support local businesses! Bayou classic is not the event to sleep on for those seeking to understand the customs and traditions of the south. It has a history and influence that no one expected at the start of the tradition.

Though the rivalry is real, it only really lasts for the four quarters of the game. Afterwards, there is nothing but joy and comradery to be felt, as the beef dissipates and the love for food, music, and togetherness fills the air. The energy this gives to the city is unlike anything you’ll feel elsewhere. If you want to experience New Orleans, there are few better times to do so than during Bayou Classic weekend. Plus, there are plenty of things to do as you wait for the momentous game, and still more ways to enjoy the city after the final buzzer.

The entire event is enough to leave spectators in awe, and the city of New Orleans is proud to be a part of the tradition of the Bayou Classic every year. This event adds to the beautifully rich story of the South, and we can’t imagine a city more equipped to host an event of this caliber. Buy your tickets to the game and plan out how to make the most of your time in the Crescent City.