Highlighting Environmental Sustainability in Hospitality and Tourism


If not now when? That’s the question we must answer when it comes to tackling the climate crisis. The best time to get involved is now, but there is no singular path to implementing sustainable business practices.

Each business is as unique as the community that supports it, making cookie cutter standards and regulations impractical and difficult to enforce. It is only when we take this challenge personally and face it collaboratively that true results are realized.

At New Orleans & Company, we are doing just that.

Throughout the year, we have been working with our friends over at LifeCity and with business leaders across New Orleans to reduce waste and boost sustainability. Recycling is only a small part of the strategy, which also includes waste diversion practices, using locally sourced goods, conserving energy, and more. Members and other businesses are encouraged to join the Zero Waste Challenge to get involved and begin building or restructuring their business’ sustainably plan.