Empower the Community with Night Out Against Crime

Each year, the national organization Crimestoppers hosts its Night Out Against Crime in cities all over the country. In New Orleans, Night Out Against Crime happens each October, with the 2015 event taking place on Tuesday, Oct. 13. The event shines a community-wide spotlight on public safety and its importance for visitors, locals, and business owners alike. Whether you choose to participate along with the New Orleans Police Department at its public party or host your own Night Out Against Crime party with help from Crimestoppers, you can find all the pertinent details below. New Orleans Will support public safety with this fun and beneficial initiative!

night out

The 2015 Night Out Against Crime happens Tuesday, Oct. 13. (Photo via blogs.nola.com)

A Word From the New Orleans Police Department Superintendent Michael Harrison

The Nola.gov website has a host of information about the event, including details on registered neighborhood block parties happening across various districts that Tuesday night. Police Department Superintendent Michael Harrison also discusses the importance of the event on the site, and we’ve included his video message below:

The Night Out Against Crime kickoff party from NOPD takes place at St. Roch Playground, 1800 St. Roch Avenue, from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 13. Across the city in Uptown, the French Quarter, Gentilly, and so many different neighborhoods, you’ll find block parties in the community built around this exciting event. A complete list of event info by district is available here.

Host Your Own Night Out Against Crime Party

If your neighborhood isn’t hosting a Night Out Against Crime party, you can hold your own event. Contact Crimestoppers GNO for more details on how to get started creating your own event – they’ll even provide fun swag like koozies and Crimestoppers materials and supplies.