HRT Training Programs Give Job Candidates a Strong Edge in New Orleans

Education is always an important step in furthering your professional and personal goals, and when that education comes in the form of a real-world program like Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism (HRT), it has the potential to quickly advance your career in tourism. The program provides an integrated work experience, which allows for more career opportunities, especially in management positions. A degree in HRT is offered at schools like University of New Orleans (UNO), Delgado Community College, and Nunez Community College and is such an asset to employers in the hospitality industry. We’re taking a closer look at these local schools offering HRT degrees:

University of New Orleans

With its lauded Lester E. Kabacoff School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Administration, UNO students are equipped with a leading edge in education that can help them advance in their careers. The Work Experience Practicum is an essential part of the degree, wherein participants have a work requirement to get firsthand experience working in the hospitality industry. Internships and independent studies are other ways that UNO provides students with real-world experience to help ensure a seamless transition into the hospitality and tourism workplace.


The HRT program at UNO is one of three local programs in the city. (Photo via University of New Orleans)

Delgado Community College

Delgado Community College offers an interesting and enticing Hospitality Management program alongside UNO. Their 2 + 2 Hospitality Agreement means that students who complete a hospitality management associate’s degree at Delgado can transfer to UNO to complete and receive a full HRT bachelors degree. Delgado also provides a Culinary Arts and Culinary Management program for students interested in food and beverage.

Nunez Community College

Located just outside the city in Chalmette, this school offers an HRT training program that includes classes like “Lodging Management.” As you move along through the program, you’ll also have the opportunity to choose an industry-based certification like Certified Guest Service Professional. This certification in particular is especially in line with hospitality careers, as it demonstrates proficiency in front office, revenue management, food and beverage, housekeeping, maintenance, human resources, and sales. Nunez also offers Culinary Arts and Culinary Entrepreneurship programs to help students gain the necessary skills in the industry and teach students the principles of small business management.