National Customer Advisory Council: The CVB Works to Improve Tourism and the Greater Community

Annually, the New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau hosts a National Customer Advisory Council meeting that brings top meeting planners from across the country to New Orleans to discuss local issues pertinent to the meetings market and the overall visitor experience in the city. Above all, this annual event allows the CVB to gather valuable insight and foster collaboration to not only improve tourism, but also the greater community. This year, the CVB ignited an evolution in the conversation that was mindful of advocacy, public relations, community affairs, and workforce development.

This year’s Customer Advisory Council meeting delved deep into NEW ORLEANS WILL and honed in on the significance of the tourism industry’s investment back into the community. The Council brought expert insight to several objectives important to our industry, including workforce development. It was an opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and innovate programs that will benefit hospitality businesses, workers and the greater New Orleans community at the same time.

A view of downtown from Crescent Park. (Photo: Paul Broussard)

A view of downtown from Crescent Park. (Photo: Paul Broussard)

With the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in mind, this year’s Customer Advisory Council also touched on the progress and successes the city has seen since 2005. Visitors have access to more than ever before. With 600 new restaurants, expansions to museums and attractions and $400 million worth of improvements to hotels, the city is ready to welcome visitors and provide unparalleled hospitality.

With tourism numbers consistently growing, and the tourism industry’s continued commitment to the community, it’s clear that New Orleans’ future is bright. Through summits like the Customer Advisory Council, the CVB is helping to ensure that New Orleans continues to excel as a top destination and build a stronger industry to benefit locals and visitors alike.