Bookmark These Online New Orleans Career Resources

The Internet is an amazing tool for so many reasons: you might use it to keep up with your friends and family no matter where they live, or maybe to watch some of our videos. But did you know it’s also a great way to keep tabs on your dream career? New Orleans has tons of local resources for jobs in hospitality, tourism and other fields that are literally just a click away. Take a look at some of our favorite websites that provide New Orleans career resources, professional development, mentorship and more.

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You can search for jobs on the go thanks to a bevy of local websites that give insight into careers in New Orleans.

Office of Workforce Development

The Office of Workforce Development is part of the City of New Orleans’ website. The Office’s main goal is to identify workers in our city and match their skills with the needs of growing businesses like restaurants, hotels, museums, concert halls and more. In addition to closely monitoring available jobs in the city, the Office of Workforce Development also provides career counseling and training. Head to their website to learn more about the services they offer, including two more below: 


We explored JOB1 in a recent blog post – click here to learn more! The major takeaway? JOB1 connects job seekers to viable jobs in New Orleans. It also focuses on innovative assistance and support for all workers in New Orleans, including veterans, older workers and special-needs workers.


Getting a foothold on a good career starts early. That’s why the city has created YouthWork, an organization focused on professional development for youth ages 14-21. This program assists with services like adult mentoring, leadership development, summer employment, tutoring, financial literacy, and even entrepreneurial training.


Have you ever spent hours scrolling through Craigslist just to see what’s available in the neighborhood? WorkNOLA is the same idea, except for instead of an old couch or concert tickets, you can spend hours browsing for lucrative and satisfying jobs available in the Greater New Orleans area. The website is so easy to use that you can look specifically for jobs in hospitality and customize it to scour the city for part-time jobs, full-time jobs, internships or whatever you’re looking for.

NOLA for Life

Part of having a satisfying career is giving back to the community. The NOLA For Life program is looking for mentors to support young males ages 15-18 in New Orleans, helping them to make good decisions and transition into productive citizens, hard workers and community leaders. NOLA for Life is even offering grants to organizations and businesses who offer their time to this important mentorship program.


Our city has received so much recognition for its entrepreneurial efforts – from New Orleans Entrepreneur Week to local startups, we truly offer a culture of creativity. PowerMoves.NOLA is a group that allows minority entrepreneurs to soar. Visit our recent blog post to learn more.