New Orleans Day at the Louisiana State Legislature

Annually during the legislative session, the Mayor of New Orleans, City Council and Orleans legislative delegation host New Orleans Day at the State Capitol.  This is a time for business and community leaders from the city to spend the day at the capitol visiting with legislators. As New Orleans’ largest industry, the tourism industry plays a major role in New Orleans Day, which will take place April 6, to ensure our legislators understand and support the power of tourism.

louisiana state capitol

New Orleans Day 2016 is Wednesday, April 6 at the Louisiana State Legislature, pictured, in Baton Rouge. (Photo courtesy Tulane Publications on Flickr)

What does this mean for locals?

While the legislature is in session (March 21 – June 6, 2016), several decisions will be made that affect the tourism industry and all New Orleanians, from budget cuts to imposing bills. New Orleans Day invites active participation from locals and provides an opportunity to advocate for the city in person.

This is a fiscal session and major budget cuts are predicted as the legislature works to fill the state’s budget shortfall. Proposed budget cuts are something we should all pay attention to, as we will all surely feel the impact.

The Revenue Estimating Conference forecasts that the Louisiana Office of Tourism will need about $23.8 million to be as effective as possible – looming budget cuts could affect the state’s ability to attract large-scale events and continue to grow the local travel and tourism industry, an economic force in New Orleans and throughout the state.

The Louisiana Travel Promotion Association is a resource to stay informed on bills that affect the tourism industry. You can also stay informed on the 2016 legislative session by visiting Together, we can all continue to support and improve hospitality within New Orleans while creating jobs and economic stability in the process.