NEW ORLEANS WILL Always Hold it Down in the Who Dat Nation

This weekend the Who Dat Nation is primed and ready for fierce fan rallying, as always. Today, the New Orleans Saints take on the New York Jets in New Jersey, and let’s be honest – those Jets are going down. Whether our boys are playing away, or tearing it up in the Superdome, our Saints love and fire does not dwindle.

new orleans saints, who dat nation

Who dat! (photo from anneinchicago on Flickr)

There’s nothing like the feeling of banding together with fellow Saints fans, decked out in our black and gold best, tailgating, cheering at a sports bar, or even on your couch with a house full of friends. There are so many things that bring us together, and our Saints love is one of the biggest. Part of the reason we love our team so much, besides the fact that they are the greatest team ever, is because we love our city so much. And we are some of the fiercest fans in the country because we are not shy about showing our love, and doing it in style.

new orleans saints, who dat nation

Devotion. (photo from Graham Blackall on Flickr)

This season, the Saints have been racking up the wins, and, really, we share that glory with our boys. Every cheer, prayer, and superstitious practice helps the Saints to victory, and every victory on the field lets the country know that we have got it going on down here. Publicity like that, especially after the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl win in 2010, makes people want even more to visit our city and experience the vibrancy and energy that we experience here every day, which means great things for our economy.

So today, whatever your game-day ritual is, do it with pride and flair, like only a New Orleanian could do, as you watch our Saints take on the Jets and show ‘em who’s boss.