NEW ORLEANS WILL Achieve New Goals in 2015

A new year allows for new opportunities to become your very best self, whether that means adopting a healthier lifestyle or seeking a new career. However, sticking to resolutions is hard work. Read on for a list of positive ways to keep your resolution at the top of your priority list all year long.


Stay on track with your resolutions with these encouraging tips. (Photo courtesy Ed Donahue on Flickr)

One Step at a Time

Remember that even single resolutions can require several changes. Let’s say you want to start a new job. To see your goal through, you’ll need to search for jobs, prepare for interview, improve your online and paper resumes, and research salaries. Breaking up your resolution into micro-resolutions can help you achieve your end goal.

Still thinking about that new job? Start by revisiting your resume one week; spend 30 minutes each day looking for job boards the following week; and so on. Another important step is to consider the type of career you’re looking for rather than the job itself. For example, jobs in the hospitality industry leave lots of room to grow. You might start off in a concierge position at hotel, which can lead to administrative work, which can lead to upper-level management.

And remember, if a new career is something you’d like to achieve, don’t also plan to lose ten pounds and become an expert on current events – it’s easy to overwhelm yourself by setting too many goals from the start.

Be Specific

Make sure your resolutions are specific. If you’d like to lose weight, focus your resolution on how you’ll do it rather than the end goal. For example, your resolution could be something like, “I will bring a healthy lunch to work every day.” This will help you achieve your ultimate goal of losing weight and keeps you accountable for a specific action each day.

Give Yourself a Pat on the Back

Discouragement and obstacles are a reality of making changes and seeing them through. If you’re feeling stagnant, try making a list of all the things you’ve accomplished so far – whether they’re related to your resolution or not. Even if you haven’t found that new job yet, perhaps you’ve volunteered, helped a friend in need, or gone above and beyond your workload at your current job. These are all reasons to be proud, and reasons to remember that you’re perfectly capable of achieving your resolutions.