NEW ORLEANS WILL Always Dance to the Sounds of Jazz In The Park

The sixth season of Jazz in the Park is well underway, and while we might be quick to consider it as just another feel-good festival, the concert series does so much more: whether providing job training to underprivileged members of our community, creating an audience for musicians and food vendors, or educating tourists about our rich musical heritage, Jazz In The Park is a true New Orleans staple.

Jazz in the Park

Photo courtesy of Paul Broussard on Flickr.

Earlier in 2014, People United for Armstrong Park (the organization behind Jazz in the Park) received a NOLAForLife grant from the City of New Orleans. The grant provides job training from basic grounds-keeping to management and promotional staff positions for high-risk individuals.

This comprehensive program equips people with a new sense of confidence to re-enter the workforce. By boosting their resumes and equipping themselves with new skills, Jazz in the Park program participants go on to find full-fledged careers, investing their skills and wages directly back into the New Orleans community.

Another benefit of Jazz in the Park is its natural ability to draw in an audience. Armstrong Park is a beautiful venue. Add to it the sounds of famous musicians, an extensive menu of local food, and a market, and crowds are sure to follow.

The educational component of Jazz in the Park is inherent. New Orleans tourists know that jazz is a big part of this city, but once they experience it for themselves, they will have a deeper understanding and appreciation of our culture – not to mention a reason to come back each season.

Whether training the next generation of New Orleanians or celebrating our collective past through the sounds of jazz, Jazz in the Park feels even more festive in the fall. Visit Armstrong Park on Thursdays through Oct. 30 for a refresher on why Jazz in the Park entices locals and tourists alike.