NEW ORLEANS WILL Appreciate Our Emergency Medical Services

New Orleans Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provide one of the most crucial services in our city. These quick-thinking individuals provide pre-hospital emergency care to people living in or visiting New Orleans with an emphasis on quality and timeliness.

We’re forever grateful to these dedicated paramedics and their commitment to providing medical care in emergency circumstances. As New Orleans residents, we can learn more about our local EMS – funded in part by tourism taxes – to show our support and respect.


New Orleans EMS provides comprehensive emergency services to locals and visitors within the city. (Photo courtesy Daniel X. O’Neil on Flickr)


In the early 1900s, ambulances were a far cry from the modern, medically appointed vehicles used today. Horse-drawn carriages held only the most basic medical accoutrement, and the average response time was 28 minutes! Thankfully, today’s EMS features ambulances equipped to handle medical trauma in a time-sensitive manner.


Providing fast, high-quality medical care is of the utmost priority for New Orleans EMS. However, despite the stressful realities of their jobs, EMS workers in New Orleans have also found time to prove their dedication to the community. Whether conducting paramedic programs for the military, teaching CPR, training volunteers, or hosting ride-along programs for LSU and Tulane medical students in their first year, New Orleans EMS places great emphasis on keeping the community informed and empowered. New Orleans EMS has also partnered with LSU Medical Center at University Hospital, allowing physicians completing their residency to work alongside paramedics as on-scene medical control.


Each ambulance in New Orleans has at least one paramedic on board who’s thoroughly trained in handling hazardous materials, administering CPR, and providing life support for patients in cardiac arrest, pediatric patients, or trauma patients. In addition to ambulances, EMS has many other areas of expertise: a bike team, high-angle rescue team, and swift water rescue team are all trained and ready to go in the event of an emergency or crisis.

What’s Next

New Orleans has experienced tremendous growth and a continued recovery from Hurricane Katrina. As new residents move into the city and tourists continue to visit to experience our incredible culture, EMS is continually growing and adapting to meet the needs of New Orleans. Through compassion, grace under pressure, and incredible expertise, New Orleans EMS is a literal lifesaver for our residents and visitors. Thank you, EMS!