NEW ORLEANS WILL Ask: What Do You Take Pride In?

New Orleanians are very proud. We take pride in our city, we take pride in our traditions, and we take pride in our quirks and uniqueness. Our city is unlike any other in the country, so it’s no wonder we are eager to show it off. Visitors come to New Orleans and marvel at what we have and the way we live, and each visitor gives us a chance to share our culture.

new orleans architecture color love

We are proud to share our colorful world. (photo from Brother O’Mara on Flickr)

With so many personalities, passions and perspectives in New Orleans, we all have a wide variety of things that we, as individuals, love about our city. What are the things that you are eager to show off to friends and family when they visit? What are the things that you can’t wait for your loved ones to experience? From our rich music and food to our honored traditions and beloved celebrations, from your favorite spots to relax and reflect to the best places to let your inhibitions go and get wild, we all have something that we are eager to share with people. And that is exactly what the reciprocal experience of tourism is. Tourists come here to experience that ineffable, magical something that hangs in the air and lives in the soil, and we crave opportunities to share the things that we take pride in.

It’s no secret that tourism is our leading industry, and visitor spending is incredibly valuable to the strength of our economy, but we can’t forget that important exchange that happens on a personal level. Sharing our culture and the things we love about our city with new people is what helps keep that vibrant culture alive.

Here in the city you love, what do you take pride in?