NEW ORLEANS WILL Be Recognized for Our Women-Owned Businesses

New Orleans is continually being recognized as a great place for business, entrepreneurs, working-age Americans, and college graduates. Our reputation for working as hard as we play has been spreading far and wide. We can thank our creative, ambitious entrepreneurs and businesses men and women for elevating New Orleans to new heights; and we can thank our thriving tourism industry for attracting people who end up as ambassadors for us, spreading the word after they visit us and see what we have going on down here. Recently, New Orleans received another great nod from the widely-respected publication, Forbes.

katy casbarian new orleans arnauds

Arnaud’s owner, Katy Casbarian (photo via

Forbes magazine issued a tribute to business women in the South and five female New Orleans entrepreneurs or women-owned businesses were included as examples. The article cited statistics that showed a 59 percent increase in the number of women-owned businesses in the United States since 1997. Four of the top five states for growth are located in the South, including Louisiana.

The “strong and fearless” New Orleanian women that were included in the Forbes article are Rita Benson LeBlanc of the New Orleans Saints; fourth-generation Arnaud’s owner, Katy Casbarian; Little Pnuts founder, Melissa Beese; Jolie Bensen Hamilton and Sarah Elizabeth Dewey and their Jolie and Elizabeth fashion line; and artist, studio gallery owner, and Artgasm art buying subscription service founder, Ashley Longshore.

ashley longshore new orleans artist business owner

Artist, studio gallery owner, and Artgasm art buying subscription service founder, Ashley Longshore (photo via

New Orleans is proud to be recognized for our strong, female businesswomen and we are proud to be a city that encourages and celebrates entrepreneurship and innovation. Being recognized by Forbes for this helps bring more attention and interest for continued and future investment in our city, especially in business, further connecting us to the national business landscape.