NEW ORLEANS WILL Be the Heartbeat of the World

Tourism in New Orleans touches so many aspects of our lives. Our city is growing and getting stronger daily, and there are countless ways that our leading industry of tourism plays an important part in that growth. Tourism provides our city with 78,000 jobs, including careers in several different fields from service industry professionals to executive level positions. It provides important stimulus to our economy and the dollars that are spent here by visitors are spent several times within our local economy before leaving. Out-of-towners also provide our city with infrastructure funding through sales tax revenue, and the list goes on. No matter if you work in the tourism industry or not, tourism is incredibly valuable to each and every one of us.

As we share our culture with visitors and expose them to the richness of our life here, we change their lives while also creating a strong foundation for our future.

Learn more about how valuable tourism is to our city by checking out more videos on the NEW ORLEANS WILL YouTube channel.