NEW ORLEANS WILL Boast Some of the Best Brass in the World

There are always hundreds of events going on around town each weekend, including plenty of live bands playing all over town, and our exceptional music becomes the norm – the everyday soundtrack to our nightlife, but it’s important to remember that not every city has the sounds of New Orleans brass hanging on the air like we do; they don’t inherently move with rhythm and spirit like New Orleanians do. Our music is as much a part of our way of life as our food and it benefits our culture in more ways than one.

hot 8 brass band new orleans

Catch the Hot 8 Brass Band along with many others at the Brass Band Blowout at the Howlin’ Wolf this weekend. (photo via

This weekend is the 6th Annual Brass Band Blowout at the Howlin’ Wolf, which means that some of New Orleans’ best brass bands will all be blowin’ under one roof for a full night of hot music. You’ll be able to catch acts like the Hot 8 Brass Band with Shamarr Allen and 5th Ward Weebie, Free Agents, Stooges Brass Band, the Original Pinettes Brass Band, and so many more. A night like this is a prime example of what makes this city so musically great.

New Orleans brass band music brings joy into our lives, but those sounds also attract people from other cities. Tourism is New Orleans’ leading industry and many people come here to hear the music. Why does that matter? For one, every time a tourist comes here to hear our music, they spend money in our restaurants, music venues, shops, and hotels, infusing important fuel into our economy as a whole. And while local financial support for our New Orleans bands is crucial, from festival or event tickets, to music venue cover charges, and even tips for the band, the money that tourists bring in for our artists to continue doing what they do is equally as important.

As you go out this weekend and soak up the sounds of New Orleans brass, you will no doubt be surrounded by several out-of-towners enjoying along with you, and you can appreciate the fact that they help grow our economy, and help keep our beloved music artists thriving in this city.