VIDEO: NEW ORLEANS WILL Celebrate Innovation at New Orleans Entrepreneur Week

“What I like about New Orleans the most, having been on the East coast, on the West coast and everywhere else, is that it doesn’t try to mimic any other city, and the same thing with Entrepreneur Week.” New Orleans entrepreneur Lorenzo Castillo is gearing up for New Orleans Entrepreneur Week a year after winning The Big Idea for his business pitch for Education Everytime, which is now a fully functioning small business here in New Orleans that focuses on creating music for educators to use to help children focus on challenging tasks and activities, and to make the most out of their time at school.

New Orleans Entrepreneur Week is important to our city not only because it brings important opportunities for local entrepreneurs to learn, network, and even find funding for their business ideas, but it also brings national attention and investors to our growing city, creating even more opportunities for the future of New Orleans. Innovation is an important factor of change and growth, and New Orleans Entrepreneur Week celebrates and encourages exactly that.

Watch this video to learn more about Lorenzo Castillo and his business, Education Everytime, as well as his experience with New Orleans Entrepreneur Week and the crowd-sourced “pitch extravaganza,” The Big Idea.