NEW ORLEANS WILL Celebrate Our Melting Pot at International Fest

New Orleans has a knack for celebrating. October is already packed with events that showcase our one-of-a-kind culture – Crescent City Blues and BBQ Festival and Prospect.3 are two great examples – but we’re always up for one more.

This year, International Fest takes place on Saturday, Oct. 18, at the Port of New Orleans. With a feel-good, do-good attitude, proceeds from the free event will benefit the American Cancer Society.


Photo courtesy of Social Renaissance on Facebook.

The festival is the brainchild of Social Renaissance, the events group behind a four-part series of celebrations including Le Diner en Blanc and the Millennials awards ceremony.

Social Renaissance is a fitting name for the group and our city as a whole, reflecting our limitless ability to flourish and thrive. Of course, tourism has been a big part of that social renaissance here in New Orleans, and we can expect to see curious visitors at the Port alongside young professionals – the target demographic of Social Renaissance.

Similar to Prospect.3 in its ability to draw local and international acts alike, International Fest celebrates different parts of the world through food, music, and entertainment. Perhaps the most far-reaching of the Social Renaissance event series, International Fest is open to the public, ensuring that people from a multitude of backgrounds can share the experience together.

The Port is a fitting location for International Fest, considering its international status. The Port of New Orleans not only is the sixth largest port in the United States, but also boasts the longest wharf in the world, clocking in at just over two miles long.

Sponsors like the New Orleans Multicultural Tourism Network and the NOLA Business Alliance also add heft to this event, putting the international spotlight yet again on New Orleans.