VIDEO: NEW ORLEANS WILL Celebrate Our Travel Effect

Recently New Orleans joined the country in celebrating National Travel and Tourism Week, and many of us came together to reflect on the value of tourism in our city. During National Travel and Tourism week, U.S. Travel Association encouraged Americans to ask the question: What is my travel effect? The answer to this question is as varied as we are, and here in New Orleans we can appreciate both sides of travel.

When we travel to other places, we not only gain a wider perspective, but it also makes it all the more obvious what a wonderful place we live in. Traveling is good for the soul, but not many things feel better than coming home to New Orleans.

The other side of travel is the effect other people’s travel has on us. Here in new Orleans, we experience the effect of travel in a big way. Our local economy depends on it, our reputation depends on it, and the growth of our city depends on it.