New Orleans can’t seem to stay out of the hearts and minds of people all over the world. From topping lists for travel and continually receiving honors for being one of the greatest cities in America, all of this attention is something to be proud of; it reflects on us as citizens of our fine city, as well as our hard work and positive attitudes. And the accolades continue to come our way, as Coastal Living magazine recently included a trip to New Orleans as one of the “Six Trips That Will Change Your Life” in their February 2014 issue.

New Orleans Magic Jackson Square

(photo from Viewminder on Flickr)

Every nod that we get is surely an honor, but one like this must give us pause to appreciate what is being said about us by being included in a short list like that. A trip to New Orleans will change your life. As New Orleanians, we know this is true, because we know that whether you moved here or you’ve chosen to stay here, there is an ineffable magic in this city that awakens parts of your soul. The experience of New Orleans is so much more than just pretty sights and great shopping; it’s a feeling that gets under your skin and gives you goosebumps and makes you feel alive. That is why people can’t seem to stop talking about our city. And that’s why more and more people travel far and wide to make it here to visit. Our thriving tourism industry is absolutely something to be proud of. A trip to New Orleans is like no other, and as is shown in this list in Coastal Living, we are not the only ones that understand that experiencing New Orleans will change your life.

We accept an honor like this with pride, and continue our journey to protect our city and traditions, strengthen the fabric of our community, and share our culture with those who appreciate it.