NEW ORLEANS WILL Create More Opportunities for Our Future #TourismIsHow

New Orleans has long been known as a great place to celebrate and party, but in recent years we have come to be known for so much more. Our hard work on our city and ourselves has gained national, and even international, attention. We have proven that we are not only back, but we’ve been back for a while, and we’re better than ever.

We have proven that we are a great place for entrepreneurs, families, working-age Americans, film and television, corporate business, and more. Our reputation is changing to include the fact that we work just as hard as we play, and because of this, more and more opportunities are coming our hard play hardWe can thank our thriving tourism industry for helping to grow our great reputation. Since Hurricane Katrina, our city has worked very hard over the years to make sure that people around the world know that New Orleans is open for business, and the New Orleans Conventions & Visitors Bureau and the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation have fought tirelessly to bring visitors here so that people around the world could see for themselves and spread the word.

The world is coming to know what we’ve always known: that we are a culturally rich, multi-dimensional community that has so much to offer the world. So why does it matter so much that everyone else knows this? It matters because the more that outsiders see in New Orleans, the more opportunities are brought to us. From strengthening our economy to strengthening our infrastructure to strengthening the future for our children, positive attention about our city makes people want to invest in us – in more ways than one. So as visitors to New Orleans continue to spread the word, we will continue to earn and deserve their high praises.