NEW ORLEANS WILL Do Our Part to Grow Our Economy

New Orleanians are passionate and proud. We are determined to see New Orleans thrive and grow, and I think we can all agree that we want the best for our city. When it comes to our economy, besides striving for personal success and wealth, there are ways that we can support the economic health of our entire city, and one is much easier than you would think.

welcome committeeNew Orleans’ number one industry is tourism; visitor spending was at an all-time high of $6 billion last year, and in addition to the tax revenue that we benefit from when visitors spend in New Orleans, local businesses, from restaurants to live entertainment venues to shops and boutiques and more, get business throughout the year that is crucial to their success. What’s more is that every dollar that is spent in New Orleans is spent several more times within our local economy, creating further success for our residents on the whole. Tourism is important to our livelihood and quality of life, and whether or not you work in the industry, you can do your part to continue this success.

lost, need directionsHow, you ask? Be the kind, and vibrant New Orleanian that you are. We are friendly and charismatic in this city, and that’s why we stand out to out-of-towners — we are welcoming. We can help promote tourism in New Orleans by being ourselves. When you see a tourist that looks lost, give him or her some directions; when you overhear a tourist looking for a good place to eat or listen to music, let them in on some of your favorites places. Don’t be shy, it’s not in our nature.

When we welcome tourists, we encourage growth for our economy and each other. If you are looking for ways to do your part, to begin it can be as simple as that.