NEW ORLEANS WILL Enjoy an Exceptionally Vibrant Culture

New Orleans is one of the top cities in the country. Our stand-out, one-of-a-kind city and culture attract transplants and visitors from all over, and with all the notoriety and attention we get, as well as all of the things we have to offer in this city, sometimes it’s easy to forget that, compared to some of the big cities in the U.S. with populations in the millions, our population is only around 370,000.  What’s remarkable about this is that even though we are a relatively small city compared to other urban hubs around the country, we have many of the same cultural qualities as these larger cities.

new olreans zoo, audubon zoo

A proud white tiger at the Audubon Zoo. (photo from Frank Peters on Flickr)

New Orleans has over 1,300 world-class restaurants, as well as unparalleled nightlife, art galleries, museums, boutiques, theatre, opera, a symphony, a fantastic zoo and aquarium, big, beautiful urban parks, a vibrant music scene, a flourishing film industry, and the list goes on and on. We have so much to do, see, and experience here, and many cities of our size around the country don’t have nearly as many of the robust qualities that we have. Really, it’s a testament to our vibrancy, will, ambition, and dedication to our culture as a whole. We are not your average middle-sized city, and that is apparent in who we are as New Orleanians. We are able to offer these vast cultural assets while retaining our intimacy and connection, and people can feel that difference here. Not only do we enjoy a better quality of life for having all these things, but visitors are continually drawn to New Orleans, meaning that they further fuel our economy with their tourism dollars.

new orleans opera

(photo from Anthony Posey DIR:Poseyal Desposyni

Take that in for a second and look around at the amazing culture we have created and nurtured. Our city is exceptional and offers so much to the world, and we should be very proud.