NEW ORLEANS WILL Enjoy Free Festivals

Here in New Orleans, we are known for having some of the best festivals in the country, naturally, since music and food are two things that we have perfected down here. People come from all over for events like Jazz Fest, and our city gets packed with visitors. All this commotion brings a buzz of excitement and the whole city feels like a party, but more importantly, people like these Jazz Fest-goers literally make our lives better throughout the year, long after they are gone.

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Big crowds mean big business for New Orleans (photo from SF Drew on Flickr)

As is true with every popular festival that we host in New Orleans, the money that tourists spend in our city during Jazz Fest provides a turbo charge for our local economy that translates into support for our city’s infrastructure through tax revenue, and also keeps our local businesses booming. More specifically, though, the money spent on Jazz Fest tickets comes directly back to us. The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation uses the money from this New Orleans festival to later provide locals with several free festivals that celebrate different aspects of our culture and heritage throughout the year. In addition to the Congo Square Rhythms Festival and the Louisiana Cajun-Zydeco Festival, the upcoming Crescent City Blues and BBQ Festival and Treme Creole Gumbo Festival are great examples of the perks that locals see from Jazz Fest profits.

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The future of our local music scene (photo from Brother O’Mara on Flickr)

These festivals are for us to embrace and celebrate our heritage, and they also provide big paying gigs for our local musicians, allowing them to continually work and play here in New Orleans where they belong. This organization also provides important educational programs and support to New Orleans youths in the areas of music, encouraging the next generation of musicians.

When the streets, shops, and restaurants are busy during a big festival like Jazz Fest, give a tourist a smile, and maybe even a local tip, because each of them is providing us with countless benefits and support year-round.