NEW ORLEANS WILL Feel the Career-Driven Support of JOB1

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” ― Maya Angelou

The above quote reminds us of JOB1, part of the Office of Workforce Development that brings together more than thirty public and private workforce development agencies and organizations. As New Orleans largest industry employing more than 80,000 New Orleanians, JOB1 is important to the tourism industry. At the heart of JOB1 is a mission to provide services not only for job seekers but also for employers and youth.


Job hunting doesn’t have to be a solitary process. Local program JOB1 has help and resources for job seekers, employers, and youth. (Photo courtesy Kate Hiscock on Flickr)

Through free employment and training services (the Workforce Investment Act provides federal funding), JOB1 connects job seekers to employment and provides employers with a skilled workforce. The overall goal of self-sufficiency improves individual lives as much as it does our greater community.

For Job Seekers

People looking for a job can find help through the comprehensive services at JOB1. Resume development, labor market information, and job readiness seminars are just some of the ways job seekers can prepare themselves for the workforce. Additionally, JOB1 can assist with job search and placement, case management, and even supportive services like transportation, child care, and the items needed in order to secure and maintain employment (think uniforms or a set of tools). The JOB1 offices also feature on-site computers, fax machines, and copy machines available for use.

For Employers

Recruiting – and retaining – the very best employees takes great effort. Fortunately, JOB1 extends their services to employers, allowing them to create a highly competitive workforce in the business community. JOB1 offers wage subsidies for employers that offer employee training, helping to ease the financial burden of hiring new workers. Employers can also take advantage of provided interview space, labor market statistics, information on tax incentives, OSHA consultations, and more.

For Youth

Young people between the ages of 14 and 21 who are pursuing a high school diploma can also benefit from JOB1 services. Tutoring, summer employment, transportation, and occupational skills training are just a few of JOB1’s youth-oriented services. Although an application is required, the payoff is big: youth who join JOB1 receive assistance for college textbooks, job and college applications, college textbooks, and exams like the SAT and ACT.

Where to Go

JOB1 has two offices in Mid-City and Algiers. You also can visit their informational pages on the City of New Orleans website.