NEW ORLEANS WILL Get National Attention For Our Restaurant Growth

Our city will never lose that special something that sets us apart from the rest, but one thing is certain – New Orleans has seen great growth and change in the last eight years. Our economic and business landscape is shifting, definitely for the better. Besides being named one of the best places for entrepreneurs, our culinary world is becoming a force stronger than ever. New Orleans has fewer residents than before Katrina, but we now have seventy percent more restaurants, and we are getting national attention for it. In a recent article written by Shaila Dewan in the New York Times entitled, “New Orleans Restaurant Scene Rises, Reflecting a Richer City,” Dewan highlights specifics of our flourishing restaurant industry and the positive growth our city has seen in general.

new orleans restaurant, cafe maspero

(photo from katedahl on Flickr)

Dewan notes that New Orleans is more affluent and educated than in the past, and with more money and a city with a passion for food that has not dwindled, the restaurant business is booming. Great chefs are attracted to an area where people want to dine out, and we have the world-class cuisine in our nearly 1,400 restaurants, running the gamut of flavors and styles, to prove it. Our restaurants offer New Orleans cuisine for every budget, as well, from fine dining to meals that cost less than ten dollars, like gumbo, po-boys, beignets, and so much more. With the amount of restaurants consistently growing throughout the year, and restaurant sales up from last year, one thing is for sure: New Orleanians and tourists alike are going out to eat and fueling our economy.

Besides being an important part of our economic growth, the restaurant business provides a great deal of jobs for our residents here in New Orleans. According to Dewan, more than ten percent of the jobs in our metro area are restaurant jobs, compared with the 8.2 percent national average.

It’s no wonder restaurants are doing so well in New Orleans, and more continue to open up; food is more than delicious here – it’s practically a religion. As our incredible restaurant industry grows, tourism will see increases, as well, bringing continued success and wealth to our New Orleans economy.