NEW ORLEANS WILL Grow and Change with Style

NEW ORLEANS WILL Grow and Change With Style

New Orleans is a city with style, flair, and a reputation for being unique. But in the past few years, there has been a shift in how we are perceived. We have always been known to be expert partiers, but with the amazing growth our city has seen in recent years, New Orleans is coming to be known for so much more. We still know how to have a good time, but we have been able to infuse increased ambition into our work and new endeavors, and people around the country are taking notice. Investors are more interested in us, we are one of the top locations in the country for entrepreneurs, and our arts community is flourishing amidst so much other growth, as well. It’s no wonder that our tourism industry is booming; people want to come here. We are attractive and a great place to live and visit.wonders-and-woes-of-change

National Geographic Traveler just placed New Orleans on their Best Trips 2014 list, which is a special kind of honor. Not only did they take notice of our rich culture based in deep tradition and uniqueness, they also made a point to note the growth and change that has filled our city with even greater worth and possibility. “Immutable. Imperishable. As predictable as seersucker after Easter. Yet change has arrived…” writes Andrew Nelson. He raves about the paradoxes that make this city so wonderful and for any people who wonder if the changes that have swept our city will take away from who we are, Nelson continues, “Those who love this town may worry that the change will overpower the charm. Relax. What’s new will just join the party, Sazerac in hand.”One man between past and future.

The National Geographic Traveler included us on this list for 2014 not only because we are a great place to enjoy now, but they see even more for us in the days to come. We accept this honor with pride and continue our journey upward, living up to Nelson’s words, “New Orleans! Storied past. Bright future.”