NEW ORLEANS WILL Have High Hopes For Our Future

New Orleans is a city filled with pride. We hold to traditions, we have terminology and slang all our own, we are happy to share stories and history with anyone who shows interest, and we know that we do things a little differently down here; we are unique. Our deep pride in our city is what has kept it going strong for almost 300 years. And it is also what keeps us continually striving for better.

In the past eight years since Katrina, we have seen incredible will from the people of our city and growth in our well-being. There are so many reasons why this is so, but one huge factor is that our economy is growing stronger by the day. Our largest industry is tourism, making it one of the biggest sources of fuel for our economy, and because of people willing to fight for our city, word has spread that we are not only open for business, but we are are growing in areas ranging from creativity to business. But we set our sights ever higher.ambition

There are more and more organizations, companies, groups, and people than ever trying to bring prosperity, recognition, wealth, beauty, and joy to New Orleans. All of these people see how far we have come, but know that remaining stagnant is not an option. We must always be fighting for more for ourselves and for each other, always looking for ways we can improve our city and ourselves. Striving, working, dreaming, and hoping are what bring change and prosperity, and the people of New Orleans are doing just that.

Looking ahead, each of us can take part in the spirit of growth and improvement that has taken root in our city. What things do you want to see New Orleans accomplish in the future? What ways do you plan to help make our city a better place?