VIDEO: NEW ORLEANS WILL Invest in Our Future

New Orleans is a city unlike any other and as citizens, we are incredibly resilient and passionate. In recent years we have built our city up to new heights, but we are always striving to be better. Our city continues to band together to build a bright future for ourselves and the next generation of New Orleanians through organizations like Turn the Page, that recently organized the largest reading lesson in the world, making it into the “Guinness Book of Records,” to promote literacy in New Orleans. Their goal is to make New Orleans the most literate city in America by the city’s tricentennial in 2018. So many community members came together for support, including celebrity artists like Irvin Mayfield, Wendell Pierce, Glen David Andrews, and several more, in addition to several political figures including Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

New Orleans’ economy, future, and spirit depend on people like these who dedicate their time and resources to the betterment of us all. In this video, Irvin Mayfield and Miranda Restovic from the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities talk about the importance of literacy and education to the future of New Orleans.

#NEWORLEANSWILL be the most literate city in America.