NEW ORLEANS WILL Learn More about Hospitality and Tourism Through Continuing Education

Curiosity keeps us young. Studies show that lifelong learners (those who pursue adult education courses in areas of their interest) are more employable and may see direct wage benefits. Most important, lifelong learning has a direct impact on well-being, imbuing learners with a positive outlook on the future, career confidence, and better mental and physical health.

Here in New Orleans, continued education programs abound thanks to the presence of several universities within the city. University of New Orleans, in particular, offers a course that ties lifelong learning to one of the city’s lifelines: tourism. A hallmark program at the University of New Orleans, their Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism administration courses tie booming industry to academia.

Loyola University New Orleans

Photo courtesy of katiew on Flickr

UNO recently developed a masters degree in hospitality and tourism management designed specifically for those who already work in the industry. The online program can be completed in one year, giving busy hospitality professionals the chance to create their own class schedule to log on and learn. As participants work their way through ten courses, they will gain a deeper sense of knowledge and expertise about the hospitality and tourism industry. In turn, this can lead to career advancements in addition to the personal accomplishment of completing a secondary degree.

Other universities also provide forms of continuing education pertinent to the hospitality industry. Loyola University New Orleans, for example, offers certificates in translation and interpreting as well as minors in fields like business, economics, and marketing.

Tourism has a big impact on education, bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars in direct revenue that in turn goes to benefit K-12 and higher education alike. By enrolling in educational programs designed specifically for the hospitality industry, participants will show New Orleans just how perfectly education and tourism go together.