NEW ORLEANS WILL Revel in Reveillon Dinners

With our extraordinary holiday attractions and traditions, many people come to New Orleans during this time of year to experience magic and romance. This offers a great boost to our economy, further fueling our top industry of tourism. The reasons that people visit are plentiful, but our special culture is at the root of them all. Focusing on the holidays in New Orleans specifically, if you keep in mind that tourism is such an important part of our success as a city, this time of year can be appreciated doubly, first for our own enjoyment, and second for our lovely, money-spending guests.

One of those special holiday experiences that make us who are and make visitors drool is our annual list of Reveillon dinners that are offered at many of our best NOLA restaurants city wide. Carrying on Creole tradition from the mid-1800s, four-course Reveillon dinners with affordable prix fixe menus will be offered at restaurants like Antoine’s, Besh Steak, Borgne, Commander’s Palace, Café Degas, Domenica, Galatoire’s, Martinique Bistro, SoBou, and so many more. Traditional Reveillon items including rich soups, oyster stuffing, duck dishes, decadent desserts, and more, all flaunting our distinguished New Orleans flavor, will adorn the many carefully planned menus. Reveillon dinners will be available throughout the month and many of the restaurants will be open on Christmas day, so you won’t have to lift a finger to celebrate tradition cooked up by the best in the business.

dinner table, reeveillon dinner

(photo from Xavier Donat on Flicker)

Our culture is amazing because we are amazing, and hence, people want to visit, so as we enjoy the holiday magic of our city, and fill our bellies with Reveillon goodness, tourists will as well, all while they spend and help grow our local economy. While we revel in our traditions and holiday events, let’s pat ourselves on the back for providing magic for ourselves and tourists each year.