NEW ORLEANS WILL Teach the World How to Live!

The Prospect.3 biennial starts Oct. 25. Why hold such an event in New Orleans? The event’s artistic director, Franklin Sirmans, has a simple answer: “There’s no other city like this.”

A reverence for history and an eye toward modernity create the absolutely one-of-a-kind culture this city has to offer. The power of tourism is another draw: people from all over the world will make the trip to New Orleans for the biennial, and in turn, local residents get to enjoy high-caliber art exhibits in their own backyard.

In this video, Mr. Sirmans discusses the multitude of reasons why New Orleans is the perfect city for hosting Prospect.3.  Check out what he has to say!

Enjoy more videos about our wonderful city and the importance of our tourism industry on the NEW ORLEANS WILL YouTube channel.