NEW ORLEANS WILL Spread Economic Stimulus Even Wider #TourismIsHow

Thanks in large part to our thriving and ever growing tourism industry, New Orleans has become an internationally desired and respected destination. Tourists, as well as businesses large and small, are attracted to our flourishing city, bringing a big boost to our economy, and some pretty powerful players have even decided to make a home in New Orleans.Expedia-logo-circle

Just recently, Expedia, the parent of the family of travel booking websites including,,, and about 170 travel websites, has decided to make New Orleans a regional hub, which means the Expedia team will have additional dedicated staff to focus on the New Orleans market and work with the hospitality industry here to offer package deals through their websites. Ted Bogan, Expedia’s Senior Market Manager in New Orleans, says that the company plans to focus on “selling the whole city” as opposed to just the French Quarter, meaning that they will be attempting to link to more hotels, tour companies, and other tourist attractions, highlighting so much more of our city, and spreading the economic stimulus even wider. Expedia’s team in New Orleans will also be putting great efforts into enticing and expanding international travel to New Orleans from places like Australia and New Zealand.

With a big company like Expedia working to bring more travel to New Orleans, our entire city will see great benefits. The more businesses that tourists patronize, the more ways New Orleans will experience growth in other areas well beyond the hospitality industry through the “ripple effect.” Every single tourism dollar that is spent in New Orleans is spent throughout our city, throughout different industries, several times over before leaving, providing lasting and far-reaching stimulus to our local economy.

Every addition to the army of people and businesses we have working to bring people to New Orleans to experience our culture and invest in our city will help us to continue to raise all of New Orleans to new heights. We welcome this new Expedia hub with open arms.