NEW ORLEANS WILL Successfully Host Other Major Sports Events Beyond Football

Although NFL and college football always get their share of local media attention, other sports have a significant economic impact on New Orleans as well. The figures underscore the importance of the destination offering a positive visitor experience to all sports fans.

Zurich Classic

Every April, the TPC course at Avondale brings many of the world’s top golfers to New Orleans. The entourage of PGA staff, sports media and golf analysts that journey from one PGA Tour stop after another will spend anywhere from a few days to a few weeks in the area. In addition to these essential personnel, fans of professional golf descend upon the TPC layout by the many thousands. Many of these dedicated fans have traveled from well outside of the local area, and make the Zurich Classic a part of an extended stay in New Orleans. As these thousands of fans relax at Avondale and across the city, each dollar initially spent is also re-spent many times over.

At the Zurich Classic, golf fans have an opportunity to experience some of the city’s world-famous cuisine right along the 18th fairway. An air-conditioned tent dubbed the Champions Club features cuisine from restaurants like Galatoire’s, Drago’s, Arnaud’s, Bourbon House and Mr. B’s Bistro. Patrons can purchase a ticket to the Champions Club that gives them one entree from each of the participating restaurants.

According to the West Bank Beacon, an independent study concluded that the Zurich Classic brings over $30 million into the local economy. The national and global exposure that it brings New Orleans is valued at another $17 million. Since the tournament is televised in 116 countries, viewers worldwide see New Orleans in a great light, and some undoubtedly add to New Orleans tourism.

New Orleans hosts NBA All-Star Game

Photo courtesy of Paul Broussard on Flickr

NBA All-Star Game

Good news has followed our hosting of the NBA All-Star Same last February. The economic impact of the game was projected to be $89.6 million, but the actual impact turned out to be even better. The University of New Orleans Hospitality Research Center calculated the actual economic impact at $106.1 million. Of that, the researchers identified direct spending of $60.4 million and secondary spending of $45.7 million.

UNO’s study suggested that the average person attending the All-star game spent an average of $904. The researchers calculated that the event generated $3.2 million worth of tax revenue that went to governments in the greater New Orleans area.

The success of these sports events highlights the tremendous value that comes to New Orleans in both revenue and an enhanced reputation. Every such event provides us all with an opportunity to treat our guests with a warm smile and a helpful attitude.