NEW ORLEANS WILL Support Local Artists

New Orleans places great value on local artists and supports them through dollars spent. Prospect.3 Biennial is just one example of how our arts scene registers on the national and international scale. However, we can always do more for local artists, who keep our culture fresh and relevant every day.

Photo courtesy of JD Lasica on Flickr.

Photo courtesy of JD Lasica on Flickr.

Here are just a few ways we can boost our vibrant art scene by supporting local New Orleans artists:

Adorn your home with local art. Buying art locally is a foolproof way to support New Orleans artists. Seek out a painting you love from one of the many galleries in the Arts District, or peruse French Market or Freret Market for locally made pieces like dishware, textiles, and decorative items.

Join The Drop. A nonprofit, sustainable arts program, The Drop works with artists around Louisiana and New Orleans. Every two months, artists offer 100 prints available for purchase at incredibly reasonable rates. The program not only connects artists directly to sustainable income, but also encourages the budding art collector in all of us.

Get online. It’s not always feasible to purchase art, but technology makes it easy to support local artists without spending a dollar. If you already like an artist, take the extra step to “like” them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Online engagement is a simple act that can raise awareness and generate interest, eventually translating into economic gains. 

Visit P.3+ exhibits. Part of Prospect.3, P.3+ is a satellite program that highlights concurrent exhibitions and galleries not featured in the biennial itself. Visits to these venues bring dollars and exposure to some of our lesser-known but equally important arts spaces.

Be respectful. Even if a piece is not to your taste, remember to keep a positive attitude about any and all local art. These artists impact our community directly by drawing in tourists, and they also continue a long-held tradition of artistic culture that has made New Orleans so unique.

Our local artists are ambassadors to our city, and we can all rally behind them to show thanks for their work and creative talent!