NEW ORLEANS WILL Support Our Firefighters

Ever wonder why the iconic architecture in the Quarter looks more Spanish than French? Sadly, the Great New Orleans fire of 1788 and a second fire in 1794 destroyed much of the original architecture of the city.

In an effort to create a firewall, new codes mandated that buildings be constructed close together using fire-resistant materials like stucco. Fortunately, the city hasn’t suffered another great fire since then, due in part to the establishment of the New Orleans Firefighters in 1891.


The New Orleans Firefighters have protected the city since 1891. (Photo courtesy Sean Davis on Flickr)

For more than a century, the New Orleans Firefighters have protected our city with compassion and courage. Tourism taxes support the firefighters, and we’re grateful for their continued efforts to keep our city, its residents, and its visitors safe!

Smoke Detectors

Protecting yourself and your family from fire is as easy as installing a smoke detector. These life-saving devices are inexpensive, simple to install, and can prevent tragedies by alerting occupants to the presence of smoke. The National Fire Protection Association recommends installing smoke alarms inside each bedroom, outside each sleeping area, and on every level of the home (including the basement!). If a level doesn’t have a bedroom, install the alarms in the main living area or near the stairway.

In an effort to protect constituents, Mayor Landrieu is providing free smoke detectors and installation for Orleans Parish residents in need. Apply online or call (504) 658-4714 to set up a time for a firefighter to come install the device.

Other Protective Methods

Smoke detectors are crucial, but there are other ways to stay prepared in case of a fire. Firefighters suggest staying alert while you’re cooking (especially during the holidays!) and creating a customized fire escape plan in the event of an emergency.