NEW ORLEANS WILL Support Our Saints!

When it comes to football fans, nobody knows how to support a team quite like folks from New Orleans. We know the Saints have done a lot for us by playing great football and representing our city with pride, and we understand that our continued support is vital to their success. At the same time, visitors also enjoy the energy inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and participating in some of the fun activities our fans get up to. Here are four ideas below to help support the Saints.

Show Your Creative Side

Sure, wearing your jersey is a great way to support the Saints, but think about using your creative side to show that Saints fans are awesome. Wear face paint and silly wigs, and make huge banners. If you really want to go all out, dress in a crazy costume that you create yourself. It all adds to the excitement of football and will also turn heads inside the stadium. We also appreciate when visitors get into the action, even if they’re rooting for the other team. After all, friendly rivalries make football that much more fun.

Saints Fans in Costume

Photo by Paul Broussard


If you really want to support the Saints, one of the best ways to do it is to get to the stadium early for some tailgating action. New Orleans has a reputation for partying, and before each big game locals and visitors should show everyone that football equals fun. An even better idea is to organize a tailgate yourself. Bring your RV, your grill, some utensils, your friends and don’t forget your jerseys. You’ll contribute to the festive atmosphere, get fellow Saints fans pumped for the game, and put a smile on your own face all at the same time.
This is also a great time to patronize local restaurants and bars – they take care of all of the work and often have game day specials!

Buy a Ticket

It’s true that something as simple as buying a ticket helps the Saints immensely. Although it’s fun to watch the game at home or a bar, there’s nothing like being in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome seeing the action live. That’s why we have thousands of visitors coming from across the country every year to see both the Saints and visiting teams play intense and competitive football. Buying season tickets helps even more by ensuring fans are in the stadium enjoying great football all season long. The Saints appreciate your support, and we don’t want to see a single empty seat!

Learn the Saints’ Traditions

Of course, to truly support a team you have to cheer, scream and stomp. Loud noise energizes the Saints and helps them take that home field advantage all the way to the end zone. Of course, you should also familiarize yourself with the famous chants, like “Who Dat” that every fan should know. However, many visitors come with their own chants and traditions, making for a wild atmosphere inside the Superdome during every game. Think about making your own chant, and it might just catch on like wildfire.

Thankfully, the Superdome will continue to attract visitors and locals who can tell you a Saints fan is loyal, energized and ready to cheer until the Saints achieve victory. That’s why our fans are the reason why New Orleans is the greatest city in the country for football!