As one of the most sought-after areas within our city, the French Quarter experiences high volumes of visitors. Creating a safe atmosphere is incredibly important, and with this in mind, the city is moving forward with NOLA Patrol. This new program, funded by the tourism support assessment, will see the creation of civilian patrol equipped with the skillset needed to keep the French Quarter safe and inviting.


Through comprehensive training, NOLA Patrol will keep the French Quarter safe and inviting for all. (Photo courtesy Wally Gobetz on Flickr)

Working in conjunction with the NOPD, NOLA Patrol will alleviate pressures from sworn police officers by handling non-emergency situations. Although details of NOLA Patrol’s scope of power are still in the works, this specialized unit will interact with residents and visitors in the area to strengthen the community.

Dealing with minor incidents like city ordinances and traffic control, NOLA Patrol presence frees up NOPD officers within the 8th District to focus on other areas of safety and improve police response times. NOLA Patrol will also handle quality of life issues. This term includes enforcement of taxicab and for-hire vehicle laws, enforcing parking laws, issuing parking tickets, and enforcing compliance with sanitation standards.

The training program for NOLA Patrol is undergoing its final review, and we know it will provide officers with everything they need to successfully protect the French Quarter and facilitate high-quality experiences for people enjoying the area. Additionally, the program may serve as a recruitment pipeline for the NOPD, providing the police department skilled, interested applicants should they decide to pursue a career beyond NOLA Patrol.

With a rigorous application process and six weeks of comprehensive training, members of the future NOLA Patrol will represent not only the French Quarter but also the entire city, showcasing our dedication to safety and service through innovative approaches.