NEW ORLEANS WILL Understand Our Economy

With tourism being our largest industry in New Orleans, some NOLA residents might think that only affects people that work in the tourism industry specifically, but just like any other money-maker for the economy, the impact and reach of money spent by out-of-towners goes so much further than just hotels and restaurants. Each tourism dollar goes into our economy through our local businesses, and then spreads into every area of our economic lives – for not just some, but all of us.

The Path Of A New Orleans Tourism Dollar

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The buck may start here, but tourism dollars reach deep into our lives. (photo from Brother O’Mara on Flickr)

Let’s say a tourist, Denver Jane, is here with a friend for a ladies weekend. She reads up on New Orleans and decides she wants to grab cocktails at one of our hot French Quarter bars, Kingfish. She orders a Pimm’s Cup and an Absinthe Suissesse, as well as some Buffalo “Bill” Sliders. She happily pays her bill and continues on to further explore New Orleans. In so many ways, she has just made our lives here in NOLA better. She has lovely manners and laughs at all of our jokes, but more than that, Jane just created revenue for Kingfish, tax revenue for our government, and income for her bartender, Emilie, as well as Emilie’s barback, Jonathan.

What’s more, Emilie is a New Orleans resident and because Kingfish stays packed with tourists and locals alike, she is able to afford to go to the dentist. She has a mean sweet tooth, so she has some cavities that she’s been meaning to fill, and because of that money that Denver Jane and other tourists spent at the bar, she can afford to get those fillings, which keeps Dr. Dentist Dave’s office busy year-round, which then in turn means he can use his income to buy fresh, local ingredients for a nice, home-cooked meal.

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(photo from chapstickaddict on Flickr)

All of these transactions matter. Every single tourist dollar reaches deep into our lives, keeping all of the cogs of our economy moving. It’s easy to over-look this sometimes and forget what it all means, but New Orleans residents want what’s best for our city and for each other. We can educate ourselves and do our part to make sure our city thrives and grows ever stronger. So, next time you see a visitor to our fine city, give a smile and a New Orleans tip; you’ll be doing yourself a favor in the end.