NEW ORLEANS WILL Understand Why Tourists Love Our City

When people think of New Orleans, the overwhelming reaction is a magical feeling of romance and joy that washes over them as they recall a trip they took with friends, a lover, family, or even solo, or as they are reminded of a long-time dream to come visit; people love coming to our vibrant, unique city, which is why tourism is our largest industry. In the last couple of years, we have seen the highest tourist spending in New Orleans’ history, and we continue to top travel lists and win travel awards for being one of the top destinations in America.

nola love

NOLA love. (photo from melinnis on Flickr)

All this attention keeps us pretty busy here in New Orleans, and we see many tourists come and go. But every one of those visitors is here in New Orleans because they felt a special pull. As the proud New Orleanians that we are, we understand full well why so many people would want to come here. Our city is unlike any other, and we are the ones who make it the incomparable place that it is. So who can blame the droves of travelers for wanting to come to our town and experience that special something that they have heard so many people talk about? We fall in love with our city over and over again, and seeing the wonder in people’s eyes when they visit New Orleans for the first time, it’s no wonder they do, too.

Our passion for our city is what has kept it so resilient over the years, decades, and even centuries. New Orleans could have gone down under water or up in flames, but our will is, and has always been, strong. With our incredible growth over the last several years, we are better than ever, so it’s no surprise that so many people would jump at the chance to come see the city that burns bright with passion and dances to the beat of its own drum.