Happy Holidays, New Orleans!

Throughout the last month, many people in New Orleans and around the world have been in holiday celebration mode. Decorations abound, as do holiday flavors and tunes; from presents to family get-togethers, to holiday travel and all-around joy, magic is in the air. No matter what you celebrate this season, we want to sincerely extend our wishes for a happy holiday season to all of our fellow New Orleanians. Soak up the beautiful sights and sounds of this time of year, and enjoy yourselves. We are proud to live in this incredibly unique and vibrant city together, and we wish the best to you and yours.happy holidays fleur de lis

This time of year brings a significant boost to our economy through holiday tourism, further fueling our largest industry of tourism. Much of these efforts to boost tourism are a result of industry-wide efforts, including classic favorites like Celebration in the Oaks to new events like NOLA Christmasfest and LUNA Fete. Visitors who come to New Orleans during December are in the giving spirit of the season, shopping and spending here and there, and it’s nice to know that while we celebrate with loved ones, the enjoyment of out-of-towners in our city will bring economic growth that will continue to benefit us into the new year.

Cheers to New Orleans, and the passionate people who live here. Happy holidays, NOLA!