NOLA Talks Tech

Last year, New Orleans & Company hosted a NOLA Talk, an event series that educates the community about the different sectors of the hospitality and tourism industry. This event was all about tech in the industry. The panel discussion was led by moderator Jeremy Cooker, Vice President of Marketing and Special Projects at New Orleans & Company. The panelists included David Piscola, General Manager at Hilton Riverside; Andrea Chen, Executive Director at Propeller; Prashant Vashit, Commercial Account Manager of North America at British Airways; and Lawrence Martin, President at Connect2Black.

Five takeaways from the conversation between the panelists:

  • Each business needs a find a balance of customer service through human interaction and emerging technology. Martin mentions that in his business, it’s his job to connect visitors to local businesses who will offer that human interaction and great customer service that can elevate the whole experience for visitors.
  • There are opportunities to develop ideas. Piscola says, “Sometimes the ideas don’t come from the top. It’s the people on the ground seeing the problem and offering a solution.”
  • There are challenges when using technology. Each panelist brought up some of the challenges they faced from protecting customers’ data to the pace of everchanging and evolving innovation. Chen says, “Training workers on new technology can be challenge, especially when there are so many platforms that we use.”
  • For those who see an opportunity to fix a problem or fill in a need, don’t be afraid to pitch your idea and follow through. Martin advises that those who have an idea to act on it and invest in yourself and your idea.
  • Social media can be a great tool for company branding and feedback. Vishisht states that social media allows his company to improve the customer experience in real-time and get feedback immediately.


Watch the full panel discussion below:

LIVE from NOLA Talk: Technology in the hospitality industry

Posted by New Orleans & Company on Tuesday, November 19, 2019