Whitney White Linen Night: NEW ORLEANS WILL Celebrate Local Art

There are so many wonderful things in our city that make up who we are and so many ways to participate in and celebrate our culture. One of the beautiful things about summer in New Orleans is that we can bond over finding creative ways to beat the heat as a community, which is one of the reasons why Whitney White Linen Night is a beloved New Orleans event.

Whitney White Linen Night in New Orleans

Whitney White Linen Night in New Orleans (photo by mattmc89, from Flickr)

Whitney White Linen Night will be held on Saturday, August 2 in the Warehouse Arts District in the closed-off 300 to 600 blocks of Julia Street. While we encourage visitors to New Orleans on a regular basis, not only because of the incredible, varied benefits that tourism brings to our city, but also to show off our culture with pride, it’s just as important that we get out and soak up and celebrate the things that make our city and culture so unique. Whitney White Linen Night is the perfect opportunity for us locals to do that; a block party of people donning airy, breathable white linen to help abate the summer heat makes for a picturesque scene as New Orleanians celebrate live entertainment and local art.

whitney white linen night new orleans

Celebrate and enjoy local art along Julia Street. (photo by mattmc89, from Flickr)

From 6 to 9 p.m. art galleries in the area stay open for the block party, giving art aficionados and casual partakers alike the opportunity to view the latest art pieces and installments in the area all at one party. Delicious local food and signature cocktails are available throughout the event, and once the block party ends, the Contemporary Arts Center opens up for its annual Whitney White Linen Night party, with more music, drinks, and art work to enjoy.

Tourism in New Orleans is so important to our city, but our involvement in and representation at local events is important as well. Supporting local businesses and celebrating local art keeps our community creative and authentic. Come on out to Whitney White Linen Night for a cultural celebration that only New Orleans could throw.